Preventing Preeclampsia
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Did you know?

  • Preeclampsia is the most common complication of pregnancy
  • One in 10 women will suffer from preeclampsia during their pregnancy
  • Preeclampsia is often called “high blood pressure in pregnancy”
  • Roughly 780 babies die every day in the world from preeclampsia
  • Preeclampsia is the major cause of premature birth
  • Over one million women are affected worldwide every year
  • Preeclampsia can cause both infant and maternal mortality as well as devastating long term issues such as brain damage and high blood pressure

In the News


August 20, 2016
2016 Charity Auction invitations out

When: Saturday 12th November 2016

Time: 7.00pm



August 13, 2015
2015 Charity Auction date announced

When: Saturday 17 October 2015

Time: 7.00-10.00pm

Where: Art Gallery of NSW, Art Gallery Rd, The Domain, Sydney

Tickets: $150 per head

Dress: Lounge Suit

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  Five More article

October 25, 2013
The Pearl in the Oyster: One Woman’s Battle with Preeclampsia

Twelve years ago, when leading construction lawyer Amanda Davidson walked in for her 27 week pregnancy check-up she wasn’t at all worried. The then 38 year old expected to take pregnancy in her stride, as she did with everything else in her life. By the time she walked out of that appointment, her world had changed significantly...

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  Heart Research Institute

March 8, 2013
Heart Research Institute
Celebrating International Women's Day
Women and Heart Disease
Preeclampsia during pregnancy

Women who have suffered high blood pressure during pregnancy, have a high risk of developing heart disease in their 50's and 60's...

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  The AustralianSleep Journal 

January 15, 2013
The Australian
Mum's good night's sleep vital for fetal development

A LEADING medical researcher has called for a greater emphasis on the treatment of sleep disorders in pregnant women following research suggesting they could contribute to premature deliveries and low birth weight...

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  Sydney Morning HeraldUnder Pressure 

August 18, 2011
The Guardian
Learning to love my baby

After a life-threatening pregnancy and a premature birth I was scared to hold my newborn daughter – or to get too attached...

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  Sydney Morning HeraldUnder Pressure  August 25, 2011
Sydney Morning Herald

Under Pressure

Kathleen Manson assumed her pregnancy would be an all-natural affair until high blood pressure and swelling set in. The diagnosis? Pre-eclampsia...

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PEARLS has made significant breakthroughs in establishing the cause of preeclampsia. Further work is needed to determine the mechanisms at play when a woman develops preeclampsia so that a screening test can be ultimately developed. With a screening test doctors will be able to identify those women who are likely to contract preeclampsia and put in place strategies for dealing with it and minimizing the consequences of it if and when it does arise. Ongoing research will continue to make a difference in the future for mothers and their babies.

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It is extremely important to raise awareness of the condition, as many women are not familiar with it and often seek help when it is too late. PEARLS has conducted womens lectures to raise awareness and will continue to increase its programs in this area.

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Fundraising is our way of being able to provide important support for scientists involved in the PEARLS supported research projects. You can assist by making a donation or by your own fundraising initiatives. PEARLS welcomes any and all ideas as to fundraising activities.

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Corporate Sponsorship

PEARLS is wholly reliant on the financial support of its sponsors and donors, and is seeking corporate sponsorship.

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Preeclampsia Research Laboratories (PEARLS)

PEARLS is a non profit organization established under the auspices of:

• The Heart Research Foundation
• Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
• Campbelltown Hospital

PEARLS aims to raise funds to:

• support ongoing research into the cause of preeclampsia
• raise awareness for early detection
• upgrade research equipment
• develop an early screening test to be implemented widely for pregnant women

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