Preventing Preeclampsia
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Research - PHD Students

We are proud to have been able to support a number of PHD students involved in preeclampsia research.


    Charlene Thornton
    Outcomes for mothers and babies
    Neroli Sunderland
    Blood pressure and angiogenic controls of placental function in primate pregnancy
    Francesca Charlton
    cholesterol and the risk of placental failure in preeclampsia
    Aiden O'Loughlin
    Coronary artery motion and prediction of coronary events; Is pregnancy a risk factor?
    Samantha Lupton
    Retinal vascular changes in pregnancy and preeclampsia; the role of genetics
    Gabrielle Bobek
    Control of placental blood flow in pregnancy and correlation with placental structural changes
    Annette Robertson
    Sleep dysfunction in preeclampsia
    Jane Tooher
    Long term cardiac and metabolic consequences of preeclampsia


    Stephan Orange (2005)
    Immune control of blood pressure in pregnancy
    now working in the pharmaceutical industry
    Angela Makris (2006)
    Predictive testing in Preeclampsia
    obstetric physician and deputy Director of our Group at the Heart Research Institute
    Charlene Thornton (Masters 2005)
    Rates of Preeclampsia in Sydney

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